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The Makioka Sisters, written by the well-know Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki (谷崎潤一郎), is a 1948 novel and has been called “the greatest cosmopolitan novel since the Meiji Restoration*. In the design of the exclusive authorized Traditional Chinese edition, the calligraphic title accompanied snowy background taken in real snow scene elegantly reveals the mood of the Japanese title. In addition, the manipulation of light/dark colors on the two volumes implies the decline of the Makiokas’ family’s wealthy life in the story.

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I don’t eat 

I don’t sleep

I do nothing but think of you 

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Classic paintings with a Modern Twist // ‘Art x Smart’ series by Kim Dong-kyu

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In his recent project ‘Art x Smart’, Korean illustrator Kim Dong-Kyu combines famous historical paintings with images of 21st century technology. I call it a fusion of the modern day with classical moments from art and history, resulting in one massive head f… I mean head spin. And I like it. The works are also a piercing comment on the way smartphones have dramatically changed today’s social interaction. Apart from being absurdly funny, the series also draw attention to our relationship with new technologies and their influence on modern society.

Some of these images are pretty ridiculous but it seems so familiar these days – the swiping, scrolling, grammin’ (that’s Instagramming for all you “non-users”), and regular selfies find their way into paintings by Vermeer, Picasso, Manet and Van Gogh – as if the action was of second nature to them, like it is for us.

1. ‘Girl with a pearl earring and an iPhone,’ 2013 / after ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ by Johannes Vermeer, 1665.

2.. When you see the amazing sight,’ 2013 / after ‘Wanderer above the sea of fog’ by Caspar David Friedrich, 1818.

3.. ‘Always in my hand,’ 2013 / after ‘in the conservatory’ by Édouard Manet, 1878-9.4.

4. Her Mirror,’ 2013 after ‘Rokeby Venus’ by Diego Velázquez, 1647–51.

5. ‘Luncheon,’ 2013 / after ‘The luncheon on the grass’ by Édouard Manet, 1862–1863.

6. The Scream,’ 2013 / after ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch, 1893.

7.‘Music for dreaming’ after ‘the dream’ by pablo picasso, 1932

8. In a cafe’ after ‘l’absinthe‘ by  edgar degas, 1876

9. ‘A family gathering’ after ‘the balcony’ by édouard manet, 1868 

10. ‘The Last 2G Phone User,’ 2013 / after ‘The Last Supper’ by  Leonardo Da Vinci, 1495-98.


Herbert Böttcher 

Wadden Sea,  Germany

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The Evil Dead (1981)

Directed by Sam Raimi

Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release demons.

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I said look behind you

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